If you want Carli to mix / master your song follow these 4 simple steps:

  1. Contact us at or using our WhatsApp number:

    +34 655 45 11 50
  2. An email / text will arrive soon giving you instructions on how to submit your music (don´t forget to read the HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC section below)
  3. Once you submit your tracks and get your questions answered, you can proceed to the payment on the section below
  4. The mix and master will be delivered within 5 working days after payment to your email

Ask for discounts on EP's and full albums


    VOCAL RECORDING - 20 € / hour
    • VOCAL RECORDING - 20 € / hour
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    VOCAL RECORDING - 20 € / hour

    Please choose a price: € EUR (€20.00 or more)

    Please pay at least €20.00

    Out of stock

    Do you want you vocals to sound like the pros, but are on a budget.

    Come record your tracks at our Madrid based home studio, in the beautiful neighborhood of La Latina.

    Record with a high quality tube microphone in a properly treated acoustic environment.

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    To send your tracks create a zip file with the following content: 

    • A reference mix track (A rough mix of your song, the way you'd like it to sound)
    • 5/10 audio stems of your song, including the instrumental
      (i.e: Beat, Main Vocals, Chorus, Double Voices, Adlibs)

      In the track titles include the song title, sound (i.e. Beat, Main Vocals...), the song BPMs (i.e. 120 BPM) and the song key (i.e. C major) 

      Stem file name example: 
      01 - MAIN VOCALS - Billy Gunz - The Abduction (120 BPM, C major).wav 

    Audio sample rate: 48 kHz - Bit depth: 24 bits - Stereo 

    To send your zip file, or just to ask any question, send an email to